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Jonathan Erlandson's Parlor Magic - 6:00 PM

Arkansas's Premiere Sleight of Hand Show

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+
Senior Ages 55+
Child Ages 12 and under

Experience the magic up close!

Jonathan Erlandson is excited to return to Hot Springs, for an intimate evening of jaw-dropping illusions, mind-bending magic, and surprising sleight-of-hand! With nearly two decades of experience in the art of magic, Erlandson has created a unique and daring show that fuses impossible magic with the intimacy of a parlor performance.

Each show is a unique journey through the art of magic. From dangerous stunts to mind-bending feats of mentalism, every moment of the show is designed to shock and amaze. Jonathan Erlandson’s Parlor Magic is an engaging interactive show featuring cutting edge magic that you get to be a part of!

Jonathan Erlandson Parlor Magic