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The Lounge

Calling all Spirits! Imbibe on the darker side of world history; Acquaint yourself with the bizarre and charming allure that is The Malco Lounge. Once an Oddities Museum, so say those unfortunate souls that still haunt these walls. Enjoy a refeshment or two while awaiting your next illusion or examine The Malco Parlor that lies beyond the bar walls for yet another beyond mysterious presentation.

The Parlor

Be prepared to be perplexed, disturbed, flabberghasted, and befuddled. Travel back in time to the dimension of weird–The Close-Up Show, mind-blowing close-up illusions, sleight of hand, and mentalism. Here, there is something to titillate and vex even the worldliest of those who wander into theis strange room. Since its opening in 2020, the Close-Up Show has become a highlight for those exploring the all new Malco Lounge & Parlor.